iMPlayer: How to Install on Android & Firestick

iMPlayer is an IPTV application designed for Android devices, supporting both M3U URL and Xtreme Codes login methods. With iMPlayer, all you need is an IPTV provider that offers these two methods to enjoy IPTV content. The iMPlayer app is exclusively available for the Android platform, and you can download and use it on devices such as Android smartphones, TVs, and Fire TV devices.

Additionally, iMPlayer offers a premium subscription option, which unlocks all features of the application, including VOD (Video on Demand), recording, catch-up settings, and more. In this tutorial, I will guide you through the installation, setup, and usage of iMPlayer on Android and Fire TV devices. These instructions are also applicable to Android smartphones, Android TV boxes, FireStick Lite, FireStick 4K Max, FireStick 4K, and Fire TV Cube.

Before delving into the installation tutorial, let’s explore the performance features of iMPlayer to better understand its functionality after installation.

iMPlayer Download

What is iMPlayer?

iMPlayer is one of the beloved IPTV applications among Android device users. It offers a premium subscription version that supports usage on multiple devices, with varying pricing. For 3 devices, it’s $25; for 4 devices, it’s $28; for 5 devices, it’s $35. With a premium subscription and multi-device support, you can use the application on your Android phone, tablet, and TV. This subscription unlocks all features, including VOD, recording, catch-up, advanced settings, and more.

However, as mentioned at the beginning, iMPlayer itself does not provide any IPTV services. You must already be subscribed to an IPTV service provider that offers M3U URL or Xtreme Codes formats to use it on devices like Android TVs, Android tablets, and Fire TV devices. For your security, we recommend using a VPN when dealing with IPTV service providers.

iMPlayer’s Highlights

  • Video on Demand
  • Cloud management and synchronization
  • Recording
  • Remote control support
  • Catch-up and time shift
  • Supports XC and Stalker API
  • Supports M3U URL and Xtreme Codes
  • Exclusive to Android devices
  • Offers premium subscription with multi-device support
  • Ability to add channels to favorites

iMPlayer Compatible Devices

  • Android TV / TV Box / Phone / iPad
  • FireStick / Fire TV

How to Download iMPlayer on Android Devices

While iMPlayer is exclusively available for Android devices, it’s not found on the Google Play Store. To download it on an Android device, you’ll need to install the Downloader app and enable installations from unknown sources in the streaming device’s settings.

  1. Open Google Play on your Android device.
  2. Search for and download the Downloader downloader by AFTVnews on nvidia shield
  3. Go to Settings on your Android device.nvidia shield settings
  4. Click Apps.nvidia shield apps settings
  5. Scroll down and click on Security & restrictions on nvidia shield apps
  6. Click Unknown unknown sources on nvidia shield
  7. Select Downloader and turn on it.turn on downloader on nvidia shield
  8. Launch the Downloader App and click on the browser option on the left.
  9. Enter the Downloader Code: 766544 and click Go.implayer downloader code 766544
  10. Find the download button for the iMPlayer APK and click on it.implayer download 2
  11. Select Download and Install.install implayer
  12. That’s it! iMPlayer is now successfully installed on your Android device.

How to Download iMPlayer on Firestick

For Firestick users, since iMPlayer is not available on the Amazon Store, you’ll need to sideload it. We’ll use the Downloader App to download the iMPlayer.

  1. Scroll to Find on the home screen and click on Search.firestick search
  2. Type “Downloader” and select it from the search downloader app
  3. Click on the orange Downloader App.downloader icon on firestick
  4. Choose “Download” or “Get” and wait for the app to downloader on firestick
  5. Go back to the home screen and click on Settings (gear icon).firestick settings
  6. Click on My Fire my fire tv
  7. Go to Developer options.Developer options on firestick
  8. Click on Install unknown apps.install unknown apps on firestick
  9. Find the Downloader app and turn the option to ON.install unknown apps downloader
  10. Launch the Downloader App and click on the browser option on the left.
  11. Enter the Downloader Code: 766544 and click Go.implayer downloader code 766544
  12. Find the download button for the iMPlayer APK and click on it.implayer download 2
  13. Wait for iMPlayer to download to your Firestick device.
  14. Once the download is complete, click on Install.install implayer
  15. That’s it! You now have the iMPlayer APK on your FireStick.

How to stream IPTV on iMPlayer

Following the installation and download steps outlined above, once the download is complete, locate your iMPlayer on your Android or Fire TV device and open it. Upon launching the application for the first time, click “Allow” when prompted and choose your preferred theme from the subsequent options.
implayer 1

Additionally, if you encounter update notifications, click “Update” and wait for the update process to complete before reinstalling.

  1. Access the iMPlayer settings. On the iMPlayer main screen, click “Add Playlist.” implayer 3
  2. Choose to log in using either M3U URL or Xtreme Codes API – both of which will be provided by your subscribed IPTV service. Use Xtreme Codes API:implayer 4
  3. Enter the complete information and click “Add and Connect.”implayer 5
  4. Wait for the loading process, and when prompted with any TIPs during this process, choose to close them.
  5. Finally, you’ll be able to watch IPTV content within your iMPlayer app.

Please note that the free version will lack many features. If you wish to purchase the premium version, you can register on the official iMPlayer website. The pricing is $25 for 3 devices, $28 for 4 devices, and $35 for 5 devices.

Best Alternatives for iMPlayer

  1. TiviMate: The most powerful IPTV player for Android and Firestick.
  2. Flix IPTV: A stable and smooth IPTV player for Android, Firestick, iOS, Samsung Smart TVs, and LG TVs.
  3. XCIPTV Player: A free IPTV player for Android, Firestick, iOS, Samsung Smart TVs, and LG Smart TVs.
  4. GSE Smart IPTV: A free IPTV player for Android and Firestick, with a paid version (GSE Smart IPTV Pro) required for installation on iOS devices from the Apple App Store.
  5. Lazy IPTV: It is accessible on Android boxes, Android TVs, Firestick, Smart TVs, and PCs, supporting M3U playlists and XMLTV EPG.
  6. Smart IPTV: You need to make a one-time payment of 5.49 Euros. It is compatible with Android devices, Samsung devices, LG, and MAG

iMPlayer FAQ

Is iMPlayer free?

Yes, iMPlayer is a free IPTV application. However, the free version offers limited functionality. If you wish to unlock all features, you can subscribe to the premium version.

Does iMPlayer have ads?

Streaming IPTV on iMPlayer does not involve encountering ads.

Does iMPlayer offer live channels?

The premium version of iMPlayer unlocks features like VOD, recording, and TV catch-up. However, iMPlayer is solely an IPTV player and does not provide content on its own. You must already be subscribed to an IPTV service to use it.

On which devices can iMPlayer be installed?

This application can be installed on any device running the Android operating system. This includes Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, and any Android device.

iMPlayer Review

iMPlayer offers two versions: free and premium. The premium subscription unlocks all features of iMPlayer. However, if you find the free version sufficient, you can continue using it. The premium subscription requires registration and allows you to purchase a specific number of devices. You’ll also need the M3U files provided by your IPTV provider to play content. iMPlayer is exclusive to the Android platform and supports remote control, recording, catch-up, and more. If you’re seeking an IPTV player for your Android device, iMPlayer can be your choice.

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