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13 Best Unlinked Codes lists 2023

FireStick does not allow you to download different types of files through a browser. However, you can use the Downloader application to sideload files onto your Fire TV device. However, for most people, entering a complete URL using the remote control may not be convenient.

With Unlinked, you can create a short numerical code that will allow you to download a variety of applications not available in the Amazon App Store. You can even build your own code library and share it with FireStick users.

This guide will introduce you to the best Unlinked codes that can be used on FireStick, FireStick TV, FireStick 4k, and any other Android devices.

What is Unlinked?

Unlinked is one of the best Firestick applications used by millions of cord-cutters on Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, Android TV boxes, and other devices. As FileLinked is no longer working, many people are now looking for an easy way to install applications on their devices using codes. Unlinked is one of the latest FileLinked clones in the streaming community.

After installing Unlinked, users will be able to create a short numerical code to sideload a variety of applications not available in the Amazon App Store or Google Play Store.

You can install some popular applications using Unlinked codes, including Cinema APK, Aptoide, Kodi, MX Player, Stremio, and more.

How to Install Unlinked APK on FireStick

  1. Click on “Settings” from the FireStick main menu.Unlinked APK on FireStick 1
  2. Select “My Fire TV“.Unlinked APK on FireStick 2
  3. Click on “Developer options.”Unlinked APK on FireStick 3
  4. Toggle on the “Apps from Unknown Sources” and click on the “Open” option.Unlinked APK on FireStick 4
  5. Go back to the FireStick home screen and click on “Find” and then “Search.”Unlinked APK on FireStick 5
  6. Type “Downloader” in the search bar and select the search result.Unlinked APK on FireStick 6
  7. Choose the “Downloader” icon.Unlinked APK on FireStick 7
  8. Click on the “Download” or “Get” button.Unlinked APK on FireStick 8
  9. Launch the Downloader app and enter the URL https://dl.unlinked.link in the URL box, then click “Go.” Unlinked APK on FireStick 9This link is for the latest version of Unlinked, v2.0.4 APK.
  10. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the download and installation.

Now the FileLinked clone Unlinked APK has been successfully installed on your device. You can easily install various third-party applications on your FireStick using Unlinked codes.

Now that you have learned all about Unlinked, let’s get started with the main topic.

The Best Unlinked Codes

When you open “Unlinked” on FireStick, click on “Add New Repository.” This will allow you to enter the codes.

Below, we have mentioned the best Unlinked codes for movies, TV shows, sports, news, live TV, games, and more.


IPTV SuperStore Unlinked

First up is a repository brought to you by IPTV SuperStore. This store boasts 893 applications across 19 different categories, making it well-deserving of the top spot. Categories include movies and TV shows, music, browsers, media players, live TV, sports, tools and utilities, and anime.

In this repository, you can find popular applications like Bee TV, FilmPlus, Spotify, Brave Browser, Kodi, MX Player, Lepto Sports, and Strix TV.

IPTV SuperStore takes extra steps to ensure that all applications in the repository run smoothly. If you come across any broken or malfunctioning apps or links, you can email the developers, and they will add replacements within 24 hours.


Unlinked Codes EB2E4A4C

With a large number of applications already in the store, Unlinked EB2E4A4C is another fantastic repository.

This code will take you to the Seenys APK Store repository. It contains over 70 applications across 7 categories. These categories include movies/TV shows, live TV, tools, browsers, VPN, music, and YouTube.

With this Unlinked code, you can download some of the best FireStick applications. For example, you can get Cinema HD, Film Plus, Bee TV, Media Lounge, Ola TV, UK Turks, Mouse Toggle, Fast Task Killer, Chrome, and Smart YouTube. What’s even better is that some of these applications have ad-free versions, including UK Turks, Media Lounge, Bee TV, and Ola TV.


unlinked code 67664537

The Stream It All code offers over 250 applications. These applications are categorized into 14 sections for easy navigation. It provides various options, including on-demand content like movies and TV shows.

This code allows you to click on popular movies and TV shows to list out the most popular applications. The movie and TV app category mentions some lesser-known applications.

Other collections include live TV, Kodi, anime and comics, Amazon official apps, IPTV players, web browsers, movies, and tools. Additionally, there is a category dedicated to adult content based on streaming.


unlinked code 44444444

Next up is the Stream & Tech Now store. The developers of this store are popular on FileLinked and have a vast app library. The situation is no different on Unlinked, where the store offers 560 applications for download. Some of these are original creations by the developers.

All the applications are categorized into 19 sections, including movies and TV shows, live TV, kids’ apps, sports, media players, and tools, among others.

Some of the applications you can download include Cinema HD, AstonCine, Nova TV, Cyberflix, FilmPlus, APK Updater, and Tea Sports Live. There are also many ad-free versions of streaming apps for a more enjoyable experience.

superapps (Pin: 911911)

unlinked codes superapps

While scrolling through the entire app list, the Unlinked repository called “Superapps” also caught our attention.

This code consists of 54 FireStick applications, covering various categories. These include movies/TV shows, live TV, sports, cartoons and anime, and utilities.

Some notable applications in this repository include Cinema HD, Rokkr, APKTime, Viva TV, Strix, and TVTap.


unlinked code 710AB04D

The next code on the list of the best Unlinked codes is for the Android Devices & Unlinked store. This store offers 154 applications that you can download for your FireStick device. Unfortunately, there are no file categories, so you’ll need to sort the applications on your own.

Nevertheless, there are still plenty of popular and excellent applications available, covering movies and TV shows, anime, IPTV, media players, and utilities. Considering this, you’ll find that this store caters primarily to movie and show enthusiasts, with a significant number of applications in that category. You can download Cinema HD, Film Plus, Crunchyroll, UK Turks, Cyberflix, and even an app for classic fans (Old Movies).


33627466 is the code for the Stream Doctor store. This Unlinked store has 73 applications. They are divided into only 4 categories, including movies and TV shows, VPN, adult streaming content, and FireStick applications for utilities and maintenance.

Some popular applications you can download from Stream Doctor include Mouse Toggle, Stremio, Media Lounge, Cuco TV, Viva TV, and Sofa TV. Certain streaming apps have modified ad-free versions. Additionally, you can request replacements for outdated apps.


unlinked codes 7cd6a4f1

(Pin: 911911) With the code “7cd6a4f1,” we found some quality on-demand and live TV applications in this repository.

This code offers 29 applications and 7 categories. The categories include movie/TV show apps, live TV apps, Kodi, FireStick tools, ad-free movie apps, and ad-free live TV.

Some of the applications include Tubi, BeeTV, Cinema HD, FilmRise, and HD Streamz.


unlinked codes 90D311FE

The Unlinked code 90D311FE allows you to access an app library created by a developer named Oztech3000. This store is perfect for movie, TV show, and anime enthusiasts as all 48 applications belong to those categories. Here, you’ll find popular as well as more niche streaming movie and series apps. While there are some invalid apps, most of the apps still function.

Some of the applications available here include Anime World, Viva TV, Bee TV, Film Plus, ZiniTevi, Live Net TV, and Nova TV. Oztech3000’s library also comes with modified versions of several popular ad-free streaming apps.


Sports enthusiasts and cord-cutters seeking alternatives to cable TV are not left out. This code allows access to another Oztech3000 store aptly named “Live TV/Sports.”

There are 37 applications available, divided into two main categories that allow users to stream live TV channels and live sports events.

Some of the applications in this store include Live Net TV, Pluto TV, Lepto Sports, Football Plus, FOX Now, NFL Live Streaming, UK Turks, Media Lounge, and HDTV. Most of the options are completely free to use.


This code contains 53 applications and includes apps from the app store categorized as tools and media players. The library itself is called “Tools and Media Players.” The applications belong to categories such as browsers, IPTV players, media players, uncategorized, and VPN.

Some of the applications available in this store include Ad Guard, APK Pure, Aptoide, Kodi, and Downloader.


unlinked codes 0B96CC65

Another code is 0B96CC65. The library is called Syncler Swampdogs Unofficial Unlinked Store and it contains only 4 applications, namely media players and movies/shows.

Here are the applications you can get using this code: MX Player Pro, Syncler Provision, and J3 Marvel Player.


unlinked codes 96960000

The last Unlinked code we mentioned is for Top Android Apks. This code offers over 299 applications, divided into 16 categories. These categories include ad-free, anime, browsers, live TV, mobile devices, movies, music, official, sports, tools, VPN, and media players. No pin is required.

Some of the applications available in this store include HD Streamz, Bee TV, Cinema HD, MX Player Pro, Ludio Player, MV-Cast Player, HDTV, and AdGuard.

More Unlinked Codes

Although these Unlinked codes haven’t appeared in our primary list, we still aim to include more high-quality repositories.

Here are the additional codes you provided:

  1. e89349b6
  2. 99999999 (Pin: 88888)
  3. F398174F
  4. e89349b6
  5. 99999999 (Pin: 88888)
  6. F398174F
  7. Tools3333
  8. 72727272
  9. customforks19.3
  10. dagoberts
  11. 9135f6a0

In general, as more Unlinked codes become available, we will continue updating this list. Please note that we recommend exercising caution when using Unlinked codes and ensure they are obtained from trustworthy sources.

If you have more codes or any other questions, feel free to let me know!

How to Use Unlinked on FireStick

Once you have installed the Unlinked application, you can follow these steps to enter a new repository code:

  1. Launch the Unlinked application. Click on the option “+ Add New Library.”Use Unlinked on FireStick
  2. Click on the box labeled “Library Code” Use Unlinked on FireStick 2
  3. Enter your code (e.g., 7cd6a4f1), then click “Next.”Use Unlinked on FireStick 3
  4. If the code is protected by a PIN, enter the PIN and click “Next.” My code’s PIN is 911911.Use Unlinked on FireStick 4
  5. All the applications under your code will appear on the screen.Use Unlinked on FireStick 5
  6. Select the desired application from the list and proceed with the installation process. Once successfully installed, you can enjoy using the application.

That’s how you add a repository code to Unlinked.


What is Unlinked APK?

Unlinked is an APK that functions as a clone of FileLinked, allowing users to sideload various applications on FireStick. You need to use codes to access these repositories and choose the applications you want to install on your FireStick.

What are the Best Unlinked Codes?

The best Unlinked codes include 96960000, EB2E4A4C, 67664537, superapps, 12341234, 90D311FE, and many others listed in this compilation.

Are Unlinked Codes Legal?

Yes, Unlinked codes are legal if you are installing applications that are in the public domain and accessing movies and TV shows within legal boundaries.

Do You Need a VPN for Unlinked Codes?

IPTVFAV recommends using a VPN when using various Unlinked codes. This will help hide your streaming activities and keep you anonymous online.

Is Unlinked Free?

Yes, Unlinked is free to use, and you don’t have to pay any fees before or after installing applications. Simply install the application on your device and start using it right away.

What Devices can Unlinked be Installed on?

Unlinked can be installed on any Android device, including Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, NVIDIA Shield, Chromecast, Android TV boxes, tablets, smartphones, and more.

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