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Ology IPTV Review: Features, Price, and Installation Guide

Ology IPTV is an IPTV service that offers over 7,000 high-definition channels, encompassing a wide range of categories such as local channels, news, documentaries, live sports, kids’ content, and more. In this article, I will provide a comprehensive review of the service, addressing questions such as the security of using Ology IPTV, its legality, and the available channel selection.

Features of Ology IPTV

  • 7000+ Live Channels
  • 200+ Sports Channels
  • 15,000+ Movies & Series
  • Catch-Up & EPG
  • Full HD & 4K Channels
  • Integrated VPN
  • Supports multi-screen streaming
  • User-friendly app

Subscription Plans of Ology IPTV

There are 3 different subscription plans Ology offers anyone looking forward to purchasing it.

1 MonthUS$14.99
3 MonthsUS$37.99
12 MonthsUS$53.99

Is Ology IPTV Safe?

Before we proceed with reviewing the Ology IPTV service, I first wanted to scan the official URL using VirusTotal.

Here is a screenshot of the VirusTotal scan results.

Is Ology IPTV Safe

VirusTotal did not detect any malicious files containing viruses or malware in the website URL of this service.

However, when streaming content from such unverified IPTV services, it is always advisable to use a VPN to protect oneself.

Is Ology IPTV Legal?

Ology IPTV streams free television content that can be found on servers hosted on the internet. The legality of this practice is still debatable. If you have any concerns or are unfamiliar with IPTV, it is recommended to opt for legal mainstream TV providers.

Ology IPTV Channel list

Ology IPTV offers over 7,000 live channels from the United States, United Kingdom, and other international sources. It covers a wide range of channels that you may be looking for, including local channels, sports, kids’ content, entertainment, movies, and more. Some of the channels provided by Ology include Cozi TV, TLC, A&E, Bravo, ESPN, NFL, Comedy Central, ABC, NBC, and many others.

How to Sign Up for Ology IPTV

Getting started with Ology IPTV is easy. Simply follow these steps to subscribe to a plan and receive access to the IPTV service, which should take no more than 15 minutes:

  1. On your smartphone or computer, open a web browser and visit the official website of Ology IPTV.ology iptv shop
  2. Click on the “Pricing” option in the menu bar.
  3. Browse through the available plans for the service and click the “Sign Up Now” button below the plan you wish to subscribe to.Ology TV Subscription
  4. Provide your personal information in the given fields.buy ology iptv
  5. Once completed, click the “Place order” button.
  6. Upon successful completion of the process, you will receive an email from the service containing the necessary login credentials.

Compatible Devices of Ology IPTV

If you use the M3U URL provided by Ology IPTV, you can use it on all mainstream streaming devices. However, if you use the Ology TV App, it is only available for Android or Firestick devices.

Compatible Devices of Ology IPTV

Features of the Ology TV App

The Ology TV App allows you to stream live TV channels, movies, and on-demand programs in high-definition and 4K quality. It includes sports, news, and premium movie channels, along with an EPG (Electronic Program Guide) to view the program schedule. The app is compatible with Android TVs, TV boxes, smartphones, and Firestick devices. You can enjoy a reliable streaming application that is regularly updated and maintained.

  • User-friendly Interface
  • Time-shift
  • TV Guide EPG
  • DVR Recording
  • Multi-screens
  • VPN Integration

How to Stream Ology IPTV on Android

On Android devices, you can use the Ology TV App or a third-party IPTV player to access the service. Both methods can be installed and used using the following steps:

  1. Access the Settings on your Android device.
  2. In the next menu, click on the “Security” option.
  3. Click to enable “Unknown sources“.install unknown sources on android
  4. Open any web browser on your device and click on the search bar.
  5. Enter the download link for the Ology TV App. https://newproiptv.com/ology-tv.apk
  6. Once completed, install the APK file on your device.
  7. Next, open the Ology IPTV application on your device and login with the necessary account details.ology tv app
  8. Start streaming IPTV content.

How to Watch Ology IPTV on Firestick

  1. On the Firestick home screen, select the “Search” option.Install Ology IPTV on Firestick 1
  2. Search for the “Downloader” app and select the Downloader app icon.Install Ology IPTV on Firestick 2
  3. Click “Download” to install the Downloader app.Install Ology IPTV on Firestick 3
  4. Open Firestick settings and select the “My Fire TV” option.Install Ology IPTV on Firestick 4
  5. Choose the “Developer Options” from the menu and click on “Install unknown apps.”Install Ology IPTV on Firestick 5
  6. Enable the Downloader app on the screen and open the Downloader app.
  7. Launch the Downloader app, enter the URL of the Ology IPTV APK file (https://newproiptv.com/ology-tv.apk), and click the “Go” button.Install Ology IPTV on Firestick 6
  8. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the download and installation.
  9. Open the Ology IPTV app on your device, enter your login credentials.
  10. Start streaming live sports and TV shows.

How to use Ology IPTV on iOS devices:

  1. Visit the Apple Store.
  2. Search for “Smarters Player Lite” click “Get” and install it.Ology IPTV on iOS 1
  3. Launch Smarters Player Lite, select “ADD YOUR PLAYLIST (via XC API).Ology IPTV on iOS 2
  4. Enter the login credentials provided by Ology IPTV (username, password, server URL), and click “ADD USER“.Ology IPTV on iOS
  5. Wait for the playlist to load, and once completed, start watching.

How to install Ology IPTV on Windows or MAC PC

  1. Open a web browser (Firefox or Chrome).
  2. Enter the download link for IPTV Smarters Pro in the address bar and complete the installation.
  3. Open IPTV Smarters Pro on your computer and enter the login credentials provided by Ology IPTV.Xtream Codes API on Windows
  4. Enjoy watching the content on your Windows or Mac PC.

How to Stream Ology IPTV on Smart TV (Samsung or LG TV):

  1. Turn on your Smart TV and connect it to the internet.
  2. Go to the app store on your Smart TV (e.g., Google Play Store, LG Content Store, or Samsung Smart Hub).
  3. Search for “XCIPTV Player“.Ology IPTV on Smart TV
  4. Click on the application and then click “Install” or “Download”.
  5. Wait for the application to download and install on your Smart TV.
  6. Once installed, open the application and enter your Xtream Codes API login information.
  7. Start streaming live TV on your Smart TV.

Alternatives to Ology IPTV

If you are looking for alternatives with a rich library of TV channels, these IPTV options will impress you.


OTV IPTV offers over 10,000 live channels and 50,000 VOD movies from all countries around the world. It is compatible with all devices and third-party players. The service ensures a 99.9% server uptime, providing smooth streaming without buffering or freezing.


IviewHD provides live channels from countries such as the UK, Ireland, Germany, Australia, and Greece. It includes over 280 premium sports channels, and you can enjoy sports events without buffering or freezing. It is an excellent choice for sports fans.


XtremeHD IPTV is another premium IPTV subscription that grants access to over 20,000 live TV channels and VOD content. With Xtreme HD IPTV, you can effortlessly stream your favorite IPTV content in high definition and full HD resolution.

IPTV Great

IPTV Great offers 35,000+ live channels and 120,000+ movies and series. If you are looking for a multi-connection IPTV service, this IPTV provider offers subscription plans for multiple devices, catering to different user needs.

Falcon TV

Falcon TV is an engaging IPTV service provider with attractive subscription packages. You can access over 7,000 live TV channels, TV shows, movies, and other on-demand content. All content from this service streams in full HD, providing an amazing streaming experience. Its innovative load balancing technology ensures buffer-free streaming for users.


What is Ology IPTV?

Ology TV is a premium IPTV streaming service that offers over 7000 TV channels worldwide via the internet. It provides sports, movies, news, and entertainment programs. Ology TV allows users to easily access content from various devices and features a user-friendly interface. It offers affordable pricing and different subscription options, making it an excellent alternative to traditional cable or satellite TV providers.

Is Ology IPTV down?

The initial version of Ology TV was unstable and eventually shut down due to server overload and security issues. However, Ology TV has now made a comeback and is stronger than ever, with more channels, movies, and improved TV applications.

Why is Ology IPTV not working?

If your Ology TV subscription is not working, try reinstalling the application or checking the expiration date of your subscription (located at the bottom of the app’s main screen). If it still doesn’t work, contact Ology IPTV support for further assistance.

Ology IPTV Review

Ology IPTV can be considered an ideal IPTV service provider to subscribe to. It has everything you would expect from an IPTV service and supports popular payment options. However, a drawback of Ology IPTV is the lack of real-time chat support. Additionally, you can explore other IPTV services such as OTV IPTV, iviewHD IPTV, Xtreme HD IPTV, Family4K IPTV, Falcon TV, and IPTV Great.

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