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Crackstream: Watch NBA, NFL, MMA, Boxing and more Live Sports for Free

The internet is filled with free streaming websites that offer various content to viewers. Among them, CrackStreams has gained popularity among sports enthusiasts as it provides free online streaming of sports matches and other programs. Users can find channels in multiple categories such as football, cricket, baseball, mixed martial arts, and boxing. In short, it is an all-in-one solution to meet all your sports streaming needs.

Today, I will introduce you to a complete review of CrackStreams, how to try CrackStreams for free to watch NBA, NFL, MLB, MMA, UFC live on Android and Firestick, new reliable addresses, and the best alternatives to CrackStreams.

What is Crackstream?

CrackStreams is one of the most popular sports streaming websites ever, offering a wide range of live sports channels from different countries. CrackStreams is available on any internet-connected device such as Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, Android, Windows PC, Mac, smartphones, tablets, and more. Crack Streams is completely free. You don’t need a subscription or even an account to access the content. Just open the CrackStreams website on your browser and start streaming the content it provides.

Is CrackStreams Safe and Legal?

If you watch the live stream in private, from now on no criminal charges will be brought against you. If you download content or broadcast content publicly, you will be in criminal trouble.

IPTVFAV does not verify the legality and safety of every content on this streaming website. We strongly recommend readers to avoid watching illegal content, but not everyone may be aware if they are doing so. That’s why we also recommend using a VPN to protect yourself from potential legal issues. A premium VPN like ExpressVPN can encrypt your activities and keep your streaming private from the government and internet service providers.

CrackStreams Sports Live Streaming

crackstreams sports

CrackStreams is a sports directory that provides free live streaming links for popular sports events. When it first started, the website only offered live streams for NBA, UFC, and MMA matches.

  • NBA live streaming
  • NFL live streaming
  • NHL live streaming
  • MLB live streaming
  • Football live streaming
  • MMA/UFC live streaming
  • Boxing streams
  • NCAAF live streaming

Nowadays, you have a variety of sports to choose from and decide what content you want to stream for free. For example, if you want to watch football matches, you can choose from various leagues such as the Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga, and more. You can even find intercontinental matches like UEL, MLB, and UCL on this platform.

What is CrackStreams’ new address?

In the past few months, some users have been looking for the new official address for CrackStreams as search results show multiple addresses, making it more challenging to search.

  • (working – official)
  • (working – new address)
  • (clone/proxy)
  • (clone/proxy)
  • (clone/proxy)
  • (not working)
  • (not working – clone)

How to Watch CrackStreams on FireStick

As mentioned earlier, CrackStreams is a browser-based live streaming service. You can access this service on FireStick through any web browser like Silk, Chrome, or Firefox. In this guide, I’ll use the Silk Browser to watch CrackStreams on Fire TV.

  1. On the FireStick home screen, scroll to the “Find” option. Then scroll down and click on “Search.”firestick search
  2. Enter “Silk Browser” and select it from the search browser on firestick
  3. Click on Amazon Silk – Web Browser under Apps & Games.choose Silk Browser
  4. Click on Download.Download Silk Browser
  5. Launch the Silk Browser.
  6. On the homepage, select the search bar so you can enter the CrackStreams URL.Click search on silk browser
  7. Enter “” and select Go.Enter Cracktreams URL
  8. Now you can use the Silk Browser to watch CrackStreams on your FireStick device.Crackstreams main screen

How to Watch CrackStreams on PC, Android TV, iPhone

If you’re using a Windows PC, Mac, Android TV, tablet, or mobile device, you can simply access its URL on any web browser.

  1. Open any browser on your device (e.g., Firefox or Chrome).
  2. Type the CrackStreams URL into the address bar and hit Enter.crackstreams on chrome
  3. Now you can use CrackStreams to watch live sports on any crackstreams on chrome

Popular Alternatives to CrackStreams

Here is a comprehensive list of popular alternatives to CrackStreams for watching sports live:

  1. MethStreams – This is the most popular clone website of CrackStreams, offering hundreds of streams covering various categories such as NFL, boxing, baseball, hockey, football, UFC, and more.
  2. VIPleague – VIPleague is one of the most popular sports streaming websites like Crackstream. It ranks high in the online sports streaming platform and provides numerous free live streaming links without the need for registration.
  3. Markkystreams – Markkystreams offers links for various free streaming sports and games. It is a website similar to Crackstream that provides free live streaming for NBA, NFL, MLB, MMA, UFC matches, and more.
  4. HesGoal – Hes Goal is a highly popular sports and football streaming website worldwide due to its extensive coverage of sports categories, including football, UFC, boxing, NFL, tennis, basketball, Formula 1, and many other sports events.
  5. VIPbox – Vipbox is a 100% free sports streaming website and one of the best alternatives to CrackStreams, allowing users from around the world to watch their favorite sports events in high definition quality.
  6. Stream2watch – Stream2watch is another popular website in our list of top CrackStreams alternatives. It is an IPTV service that provides some of the most popular channels from major countries. In total, you can find over 350 channels on the website to cater to different audiences’ needs.
  7. SportSurges – SportSurge is another popular free streaming website that offers categories such as hockey, racing sports, mixed martial arts, boxing, football, basketball, and more.
  8. Sports Hub Stream – This sports streaming website offers streaming opportunities for every sport you can think of, including basketball, football, tennis, baseball, college football, boxing, MMA (UFC), rugby, golf, hockey, and even PPV (pay-per-view) events.
  9. BuffStreams – Buff Stream is designed similarly to Crackstream and provides free sports streaming across multiple categories without the need for registration.
  10. Streamonsport – Streamonsport is another website in our list dedicated to streaming football, NBA, NFL, and other matches, providing immediate access to free live or replayed match videos.
  11. SportsHub – SportsHub is more like a news website where you can watch daily updated goal videos and recent match highlights from major sports leagues with real-time scores updated every minute.
  12. LiveTV – On this website, you have the opportunity to browse live streaming for highly popular sports events such as NHL matches, NCAA basketball, NBA, NFL, FIFA, and more.
  13. 123sport – 123sport tv is one of the Crackstream-like websites but in French. You can find links to all matches, whether it’s football, NFL, NBA, or racing sports, on this platform.
  14. Sport Lemon – Sport Lemon is one of the oldest sports streaming websites where you can find a list of current and upcoming matches on the homepage. The site displays a registration message if the match is not available, otherwise, the site is subscription-free.
  15. Cricfree – Although the name might suggest a website solely dedicated to free cricket match streaming, Cricfree offers live streams for most cricket matches as well as other sports such as basketball, football, American football, ice hockey, baseball, tennis, golf, and racing.
  16. StreamEastStreamEast is a completely free sports streaming website recommended for everyone, from casual sports enthusiasts to die-hard fans, as it provides a variety of clear and reliable live sports streams, free sports coverage, mobile experience, feature-rich desktop, and powerful premium upgrade options.
  17. USTV247USTV247 is one of the most popular free live TV streaming websites that allows you to watch sports programs and other shows online for free. The website is a clone of the famous USTVGO website and has a similar layout and channel options. This streaming website includes hundreds of channels in various categories such as entertainment, news, kids, sports, and more.
  18. USTVGO – USTVGO.TV is a live TV streaming website that offers over 80 free live channels, including networks such as Cartoon Network, ESPN, Fox Sports, Discovery, NGC, History, ABC, Showtime, Science, NBC, TCM, CBS, CMT, Cinemax, CNN, Disney, WWE Network, Fox, HBO, truTV, and other popular channels.

Best legal alternative to CrackStreams

The best legal alternatives to CrackStreams recommended by IPTVFAV.COM are:

Sling TV

sling tv

Sling TV is the first app-based TV service that allows you to stream live TV and on-demand content on Android, iOS, and web platforms. It offers over 200 channels, including numerous sports channels, at a lower price compared to cable TV. However, unlike CrackStreams, Sling TV is a paid service, so you need to create an account and purchase a package. The best part is that Sling TV offers a 7-day free trial, allowing you to watch all the satellite channels for free for a whole week.



FuboTV is another excellent alternative to CrackStreams. This streaming service provides over 100 sports channels, including 30 sports live channels. It is the only live service in the world dedicated to sports events and offers local, national, and international channels such as NFL, NBA, MLS, NHL, and CBS Sports Network. FuboTV offers four different packages, with the most popular package priced at $74.99 per month, including 100+ channels and unlimited DVR.

YouTube TV


YouTube TV is a subscription-based streaming service that offers on-demand and live TV content from major broadcast networks, popular cable and premium channels, and first-class DVR features. You can directly pair this application with your YouTube account and stream any YouTube content, including your channel subscriptions and playlists. YouTube TV offers 90+ channels, including ABC, Fox News, and CNBC. Sports channels include CBS Sports, NBA TV, NBC Sports, MLB Network, and ESPN. It’s an excellent choice for those looking for a more affordable and user-friendly sports service to replace cable TV subscriptions.



Hulu is one of the most popular subscription-based video-on-demand services in the United States. It is owned by Disney and has full control over its extensive library of original programs and various licensed content from other media services and production companies. While the Hulu app can be downloaded for free, a paid subscription is required to watch your favorite content.


Is CrackStreams Free?

Yes. The CrackStreams website is 100% free and can be accessed on any streaming device.

Does CrackStreams display ads?

Yes, CrackStreams displays ads. While there may be some ads when browsing the website, one of the best parts of CrackStreams is that it can be used without the need for registration.

What Categories does CrackStreams have?

The categories on CrackStreams primarily revolve around sports. Categories include boxing, football, mixed martial arts, cricket, basketball, and badminton.

Is CrackStreams Not Working?

Due to the uncertain legal status of CrackStreams, sometimes the website may go offline or use a new domain. You can find the latest address for the CrackStreams website in this guide.

Is CrackStreams a safe site?

One thing is for sure, however, CrackStreams is not safe to use. Here’s why: Most links only work when pop-up ad-blocking extensions are disabled. Many links take you to irrelevant and insecure sites (including fraudulent sites).

CrackStreams Review

People prefer a fast and free way to watch live sports, and Crackstream is the top sports live site that gives you the opportunity to watch NBA, NFL, MLB, MMA, UFC and more live sports for free.

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